Your First Step

Earn your first WFA Grade

Join the WFA, create your profile and add a profile picture to earn your White Grade and unlock the ability to interact with other members and start your journey into professional bartending.

What is a WFA Grade?

A WFA Grade is a measure of the practical skills possessed by a bartender. Each grade is signified by different colours starting with white and progressing through 4 assessed grades, 4 competition grades and 3 world championship grades the highest of which is gold.

WFA Grades are accessible to all bartenders providing a structured framework for progression from beginner to advanced bartender. WFA Grades can only be awarded by qualified Grading Examiners or Grand Slam Judges.

Assessed Grades

Assessed Grades are earned in sequence from Yellow through to Blue.
To earn an Assessed Grade, a bartender will need to complete a Grading Test online or at an accredited Grading Center.

WFA Yellow Grade

This is the starting point for many professional bartenders, establishing a foundation of practical bartending skills on which to build and grow.

WFA Orange Grade

The Orange Grading Level starts testing your two object skills and puts you well on the way to Green and Blue.

WFA Green Grade

When you reach the Green Grading Level the flair becomes a little bit more tricky as we start testing your multiple object skills.

WFA Blue Grade

Challenging pours, technical drinks and advanced flair moves will prepare you for your first Grand Slam Competition.

Are You Ready To Complete Your WFA Grades?

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Grand Slam Competition Grades

These Grades are awarded to the top 6 bartenders in each official Grand Slam Competition.

WFA Purple Grade

Awarded to those who place 4th, 5th or 6th in any Grand Slam Competition.

WFA Black Grade

Awarded to those who place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any Grand Slam Competition.

World Championship Competition Grades.

Only one of each World Championship Grades is awarded in each calendar year based on the total points a bartender accumulates across all Grand Slam Competitions that make up the season.

WFA Bronze Grade

Awarded to the 3rd place in the Grand Slam World Championship Tournament

WFA Silver Grade

Awarded to the 2nd place in the Grand Slam World Championship Tournament

WFA Gold Grade

Awarded to the 1st place in the Grand Slam World Championship Tournament