Not Enrolled Redirect – BLUE

About this Grade

This the final assessed grade. Assessed Grades are earned in sequence from Yellow through to Blue.

To earn an Assessed Grade, the bartender will need to pass a Grading Test demonstrating their skill and proficiency across the following 3 modules.

  1. Free Pouring
  2. Drinks Production
  3. Flair Bartending

The bartender will need to demonstrate their skills and proficiency across all 3 modules in order to pass the Grade Test and earn their grade.

What bartenders that have earned this grade can do

Free Pouring

Accurately free-pour different measures from each hand simultaneously whilst holding multiple objects. Perform a drop pour from each hand and execute a flair pour incorporating a bottle and a cocktail shaker.

Drinks Production

Produce 4 classic cocktails to specification within a target time of 3 minutes.

Flair Bartending

Demonstrate 29 compulsory flair moves whilst producing 3 classic cocktails to specification within a target time of 6 minutes.

Grade attributes

  • Grade Category: Assessed
  • Bartender Skill: Intermediate
  • Course prerequisites: WFA Green

Course includes

  • 3 Modules
  • 11 Steps
  • Grade Test
  • Certificate

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