Not Enrolled Redirect – YELLOW

About this Grade

This is the starting point for many professional bartenders, establishing a foundation of practical bartending skills on which to build and grow. It is the first of 4 assessed grades that are earned in sequence from Yellow through to Blue.

To earn an Assessed Grade, the bartender will need to pass a Grading Test demonstrating their skill and proficiency across the following 3 modules.

  1. Free Pouring
  2. Drinks Production
  3. Flair Bartending

What bartenders that have earned this grade can do

Free Pouring

Accurately free-pour the 2 most common measures (single/double shot) with either hand, using a bounce pour technique and additionally whilst performing a basic flair move.

Drinks Production

Produce 2 classic cocktails to specification in a target time of 1 minute.

Flair Bartending

Demonstrate 21 basic flair moves whilst producing the same 2 classic cocktails to specification within a target time of 3 minutes.

Grade attributes

  • Grade Category: Assessed
  • Bartender Skill: Intermediate
  • Course prerequisites: WFA White

Course includes

  • 3 Modules
  • 11 Steps
  • Grade Test
  • Certificate

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