2 days left to get WFA clothing with a massive 30% discount

Some of you may have seen we have had a huge discount offer running throughout August on our WFA clothing range. 30% off to be precise! The WFA clothing, which includes a long-T, hoodie and a bomber jacket is all part of the ‘Bottle-A’ range.

As some of you more experienced flair bartenders will remember, over the many years the WFA has been around we have released some pretty cool clothing. From flat peak hats to hotpants, t-shirts to jackets. As you will also know, however, these items are only available for a limited time. In a sense, all of the WFA clothing is limited edition as we generally only have one batch made. So once it’s gone, it’s gone!

The ‘Bottle-A’ range is, of course, the latest range of official WFA clothing and for the first time featured a bomber jacket and a long-T. Long-T’s are of course a very modern addition to fashion, whereas the bomber jacket is just an all-time classic. All good things have to come to an end and as the remaining stocks start to dwindle we decided to throw out a little discount so all you bartenders who love to rep the WFA at home or abroad, can do so and also save yourself a little money.

If you are a WFA clothing collector, this is your last opportunity to get the ‘Bottle-A’ range. Although it was a great seller, the likelihood of us doing another bomber jacket is slim! We like to keep things fresh. But then again people always want hoodies and t-shirts!

The discount will end at 00:00 on the 1st September so head over to the online shop here, where the Bottle-A Bomber has been reduced from £45 to £31.50 – the Bottle-A Hoodie is down from £35 to £24.50 – and the WFA Long-T is down from £25 to £17.50! We ship to almost everywhere worldwide, with a few exceptions. So no matter where you are, get out there and show people you are part of the WFA family.