Are you ready for the WFA Green grading level?

Think you have what it takes to complete the WFA Green grading level? It all starts at Yellow as most of you know, followed by Orange. Yellow is no walk in the park, let alone Orange level – but Green, this is not for the feint hearted. You need skill, expertise and patience to clear this grade. So if you see someone on the WFA website sporting a Green level, show that bartender some respect!

A lot of you will have come across the WFA Grading System by now. Established to provide a predefined structure for bartenders to improve their flair bartending and cocktail making skills, thousands of bartenders around the world have completed one or more levels of the WFA Gradings. Starting with Yellow Grade, the WFA Grading system gets progressively harder as you progress from Yellow, to Orange, Green, and then Blue.

Having received a lot of feedback on the WFA Grading System we have introduced a new curriculum for each of the grading levels in the last year, all of the new grades and videos are now ready with the final one, Blue, coming out in August 2018. As a result of the new curriculum, new routines, new moves and new tests have been developed to ensure that the WFA Grading system can add value to the skill set of any bartender, new or experienced.

You may notice we have upgraded the free pour test, included more current and classic cocktails to the speed round and made sure the flair round encompasses all aspects of flair bartending. A certain percentage is scored for each section of the test with a benchmark percentage given overall as the pass mark. Score high enough on each of the tests for the grade and you will be awarded your WFA Grading Level, which can live proudly on your CV forever more. And you get a cool badge to show off on your WFA profile on here!

WFA Green Grading level takes the difficulty of the flair bartending involved to a whole new level, with some describing it as a big jump up from Orange. With Blue almost ready to go, could you be the first bartender to complete every WFA Grading level first? There is only one way to find out…