Christmas ideas for bartenders from the WFA

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either a bartender, a flair bartending enthusiast, or the proud friend or family member of one. Either way, you may be looking for some Christmas ideas for bartenders or wondering what request for the upcoming holidays. With many Christmas gift ideas abound this time of year, we decided to skip the method of arbitrarily assembling a list of thematic goods (like that “World’s Best Bartender” mug or “Cocktail” DVD you don’t actually want) and go straight to the source.  Here are a few good picks from the WFA shop which should do the job, from stocking stuffer-worthy, to the more extravagant, we have a lots of fun Christmas gift ideas to choose from!

It’s nearly Christmas 2017, here are our top 5 picks from the WFA Shop:

1. The Fly Bottle or Flair Bottle

Every flair bartenders best friend, you can never have too many flair bottles. We have two varieties to choose from, our very own flair bottle or the industry standard, Flybottle. It depends on your preference really, you can always get more than one!

flair bottle

2. The B-Pour

Also known as the benchmark pour, this excellent little tool is the easiest way to perfect your free pouring accuracy and technique. We use these all over in the world in many different Bar Schools and also for a variety of free and speed pouring competitions. Featuring a wider base to keep it stable when freestanding and a wide rim to let you place it neatly within a cocktail shaker to practice blind pouring, cut and bounce techniques. You can easily practice multi-bottle pours and pouring from different types of vessel / pour spout. It also includes markings for a single teaspoon, tablespoon and shot together with measurements in ml or oz.


3. Mule Mug

This is a great all round present that would suit more people than a bartender that is for sure. These impressive Moscow Mule copper plated mugs are not only great at insulating any hot (or cold) drink you decide to make but you also look fantastic whilst drinking it. Everyone loves a splash of copper.

4. Bottle Opener

If the flair bottle is every flair bartenders best friend then the humble bottle opener has to be a close second, perhaps number one best friend when the flair bottle says no to a night out. This isn’t just any bottle opener, it’s vinyl coated. Christmas is no exception when it comes to bottle opening times of the year, in fact alongside the summer it may be the time when the bottle opener sees the most action.

5. Art Deco Cocktail Shaker

If you are easily swayed by pretty things like our very own Tom Dyer, then this is the cocktail shaker for you or your bartending family or friend. Not only does it look fancy but it will match you Moscow Mule mug! We know how important colour coordination is to some of you out there 😉