Have you discovered the WFA YouTube Channel WFA Flair Videos?

Have you heard about the WFA YouTube channel, also known as WFA Flair Videos? Fairly new on the scene, the WFA YouTube channel will host lost of juicy upcoming content from the world of flair bartending. Expect to see everything from interviews with your favourite flair bartenders, to their performances in various WFA Grand Slams and competitions, WFA Gradings walkthroughs and more.
Not forgetting WFA TV of course which also has a fair amount of great videos online, albeit that we need to find what we did with the login details! For now however, WFA Flair Videos shall be your port of call for everything WFA and flair bartending related. Here is a taste of what is already up for your viewing pleasure, as well as some of what is to come…

The Cambridge Cocktail Weekend

The WFA Grand Slam at the Cambridge Cocktail Weekend is into its second year and with each edition it is getting better. 2017 was a hard fought competition with the likes of Miika Mehtio, Roman Zapata, Alexander Shtifanov, Deniss Trifanovs, Marek Posluszny and more all vying for that number one spot. On the WFA Flair Videos channel you will find videos of the qualifying rounds of all of these guys and more, as well as the all important final round.

Watching these professionals in action, on the big stage, analysing how they put together their sequences, the music they chose, how the crowd reacted and more can be a great way to improve your own flair. Just remember, keep it original 😉

Here is the electric qualifying round performance from Roman Zapata:

And of course the winning final round performance from Marek Posluszny:

WFA Gradings

Many of you will know all about WFA Gradings and if you don’t you can always find out more here. Our very own talented Mr Tom Dyer takes you through what is required for each grade. From Yellow through to Blue, there is a lot to learn and master. You’ll be happy to see that after Tom has gone through the entire routine he continues to break it down move by move.

Not only are you required to get some pretty challenging flair bartender moves under your belt but you must also be able to create some classic cocktails too. After all a flair bartender is a bartender first. The Yellow grade, Orange grade, and Green grade are all up, ready to be studied and performed. The most challenging, WFA Blue grade is coming very soon…


Bartender Interviews

The bartender interviews are being put together to give you an insight into the world and thought process of many of the professional flair bartenders that go up on stage month after month, competing for a slice of fame, fortune, and legacy. We have been talking to some of the biggest names in flair bartending, including Deniss Trifanovs, Roman Zapata, Enrico Fiore and Giorgio Chiarello.

With many more to follow over the coming weeks, we kick it all off with the man who has taken 2018 by storm so far – Italian flair bartender, Giorgio Chiarello: