DYYNIT Bacardi Flair 2023

DYYNIT Bacardi Flair 2023 – “A highly successful event!”

DYYNIT Bacardi Flair competition
The legendary DYYNIT event has now been held for the 18th time. Flair competitions have been a part of the event in Kalajoki since its beginning, and now, for the first time, it was held as a WFA Grand Slam.

As an event, DYYNIT was meant towards professionals in the restaurant industry and spans over 3 days. The main highlight of the event has always been the flair competition, which is considered the best part of the program by the audience, and many eagerly await it for months before the event starts.

During the event people have the chance to enjoy flair for 2 days, as on Sunday evening, the competitors get to face off in the Bacardi Flair battle. This competition doesn’t have official judges; the audience determines the outcome. Competitors also have an excellent opportunity to test the competition stage, lights, relieve pressure, and have fun.

This year, the Flair battle was won by Michael Moreni.

Monday morning started early with the qualification rounds. Out of 22 contestants, 8 made it to the evening finals. The final had to be slightly delayed to adjust for the sun’s glare in the contestants’ eyes.

The final was won by Deniss Trifanovs from Latvia, with Roman Zapata from Argentina coming in second. The third place was secured by the battle winner and the audience’s absolute favorite, Michael Moreni from Italy.

The entire organization worked flawlessly, with the judges, DJ, and MC all exhibiting highly professional coordination. The barback team also worked seamlessly without any issues. The schedule was kept, and the livestream didn’t experience any interruptions. All in all, it was a highly successful event!

“I am very satisfied and happy with every person who has helped me make this possible. Without them, the event wouldn’t have succeeded. This is my idea of a perfect flair competition” commented the main organizer of the competition, Nico Valimaki.

Big thanks to Bacardi, DYYNIT, Bar Surffari, WFA, Livestream crew, judges (Miika, Luca, Oliver), Levalampi photography, Ansis Ancovs, DJ Jaba, and, of course, the entire DYYNIT team. Until next time.