Early bird tickets for the Roadhouse World Finals now on sale!

That’s right, early bird tickets for the best flair bartending event of the year are on sale now! It is the one event that all the Roadhouse Heats have been building up to, from the Tandem Comp to Chicks with Flicks, all the top finishers in those competitions will all have a place in the Roadhouse Grand Finals – battling it out for a whopping £10,000 prize fund and of course the title of world’s best flair bartender. The Grand Final will be taking place on Sunday 25th November, with the heats taking place on Saturday – starting at 12pm. Entry to for the Saturday is free and the heats will be going from 12-4.30PM. Sunday 26th November is the big one, the Grand Finals.

The Roadhouse Grand Finals is of course the last time the battling bartenders can claim some of those elusive WFA Grand Slam points and maybe securing them as the WFA Grand Slam World Champion – currently Marek Posluszny, also our Roadhouse World Champion from 2017. Here is how the table is currently looking, with India to come next:

It looks like Deniss Trifanovs may have it in the bag for this year. It would take a monumental effort from Marek and a capitulation from Deniss to see him lose that top spot to the nearest challenger. Although anything can happen in the world of flair!

The Roadhouse Grand Finals is the one competition in the world every flair bartender wants to win at least once in their career. So far we have had 17 Grand Finals but only 10 winners. We could potentially see out 11th winner this year, although the likes of Marek Posluszny, Giorgio Chiarello, Deniss Trifanovs and Luca Valentin will be fighting hard for that top spot – with each of them winning at least one main flair bartending competition in 2018. Who will be the top 6 fighting for that title at 10:30pm on Sunday, only time will tell!

Here is the link to the early bird tickets: Buy your tickets here.