Bar Wars at Roadhouse

01/01/1970 @ 12:00 am

Bar Wars at Roadhouse

Bring your team, compete and be crowned the best!

Registration is still open.

Now in its 5th year, BARWARS has quickly become a must see event for every bartender in London. Never failing to shock and awe audiences with fun skill-full and exciting exhibitions of bartending prowess.

Bars go head-to-head in a variety of rounds encompassing all aspects of bartending. Only the bar that has mastered all these areas will leave the battlefield victorious. The areas your team will be challenged in include: speed of service, mixology, flair, and more.

BARWARS lets you prove to everyone that your bar is the best in the Country. Competing against the best UK has to offer. Choose your weapon and come fight at Roadhouse BAR WARS and show London your bar has the most delicious cocktails, the fastest, most entertaining staff, and a style and swagger to match.

The Roadhouse stage is a great way to promote your venue to a packed industry crowd. Promoting your team to an audience that might not have heard of, or been to your bar already. It is also a fantastic staff night out and a great chance to meet people in the industry.

BIG CASH PRIZES will be on offer for all winners, but the real prize is the bragging rights. All bars are eligible to compete. All you need to do is enter your bar, and maybe you could be crowned the next BARWARS champion!


Quick Rules:

Barback Round

This round is built to test the speed, agility, barback skills. Each team will be given an order of the race. The team member must then complete a series of tasks against the clock.

The race will be happening on the dance-floor surrounded by customers in an “obstacle course”. Tasks involves carrying empty glasses. Re-filling the juice containers. filling up a box of beer with beer bottles and showing us how fast can you deliver ice.
The Team with the quickest time will win the maximum of 200 points. The team with the most glasses carried will win the maximum of 50 points.



In this round, as the name suggests, you are required to create and present a cocktail.
Instead of preparing a brand new drink we will ask you to tweak a classic which we will choose for you, the cocktail we chose will be revealed once registered. Everyone gets one Cocktail to tweak and the best one wins. Select a theme, choose the group of people you dedicate the recreation to or etc. whatever comes to your creative minds make it your best tweak on a classic and present in a way Roadhouse crowd would be interested and entertained.
The bar is your stage, show us your creativity and style.
and don’t forget an awesome tasting drink.


Speed of service

This round is for your fastest team member and is a race against the clock. It is designed to test your memory, speed, and efficiency behind the bar. Each team will be given an order of 7 drinks (on arrival to Roadhouse on the competition day) to be completed to the highest standard in the fastest possible time. Points are awarded for speed, professionalism, cleanliness and drink quality. Most importantly the order has to be correct! You willrbe given a full list of drink specs. to learn.
This round will be happening behind the roadhouse bar surrounded by the customers and the crowd! May the fastest bartender win!


Flair off

In the flair off round your Team gets to select their best flair bartender which then goes head to head versus the best flair bartender from an opponent bar. Its something like the dance battles you have seen before. You will be judged on both flair and entertainment. The scores will be weighted heavier on entertainment. This is to give bars that are not necessarily flair bars, a chance to compete and even win this round, against the more practiced flair bars. It’s all about bringing the fun back to flair, by showing off, and battling it all out on a stage, and making the crowd excited. Almost anything goes!
Full Flair off system with instant scoring is being introduced for the first time at bar wars, we now have changed the Flair round from 5 minutes to 1 vs 1 two 60 second round Flair offs.The more swag the better!



2ND – £300 CASH
3RD – £100 CASH

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Date/Time 09/07/2017 @ 5:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Location The Roadhouse, Covent Garden