Gaeta Passion Flair Competition 2017

01/01/1970 @ 12:00 am

Gaeta Passion Flair Competition 2017

We are proud to annouce the Gaeta Passion Flair Competition will be on the 2017 WFA Grand Slam

More info will be coming very soon…

While you’re waiting check out their website:

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Gaeta Flair Passion Rules 2017

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Date/Time 19/05/2017 @ All Day


Spaces 5 of 33 remaining.


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  1. Tom Dyer Post author

    Hey guys and girls.

    There has been a small update to the rules.

    The speed opening will now be with 4 bottles and not 2 bottles.

    1. Tom Dyer Post author

      HI Slava, it is Skyy Vodka that needs to be used in your exhibition flair bottles please. We updated the rules with this:

      “QUALIFICATION ROUND – During the qualification round, bartenders
      MUST use a bottle of Skyy Vodka for at least one move and pour at
      least 1/4oz. Bartenders can use their OWN bottles for the rest of the
      skyy vodka.”

      I hope that helps. Let me know if there is anything else you need to know?

    1. Tom Dyer Post author

      No. In the final you make your own creation cocktail so you can use the ingredients for YOUR cocktails in your own bottles. Bacardi will stay in Bacardi bottles.

      Please remember in the qualification round, that you still must pour from the Skyy Vodka bottle.

  2. Tom Dyer Post author

    we need to flair 10% with the sky vodka and jack Daniel’s? And then we can choose which the tecnique working or exibition for the 2 drinks?

    You flair 10% with ANY of the bottles. But you MUST make a move with ALL sponsors. So if you want to flair 10% of your routine with just SKyy, that’s ok. But you must make a move with JD and the other sponsors as well.