Festive WFA Gradings in Rome and Nepal

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… (ding, dong, ding, dong). Sorry we were getting a bit carried away there but we find it hard not to at Christmas, especially when we see so many new bartenders taking on WFA Gradings in the true festive spirit! First up we have this amazing lot from EBS in Rome, which have just completed the first step on the WFA Gradings experience, the Yellow Grade:


Next we are flying half way around the world to the country that is the home of the tallest mountain in the world, Nepal, although the WFA Gradings didn’t take place on Mt. Everest (try that on for a bit of added difficulty!?). The Strictly Flair team helped many bartenders get started on the WFA Grading road, here is some great pictures of some happy Christmas bartenders:


Here is what some of the flair instructors from around the world have had to say about the WFA Gradings experience:

How can WFA Gradings help?

Many of our students have described WFA Gradings as the best way they have encountered to gradually learn and evolve their flair bartending. The system is designed in a way that helps bartenders understand where best to use that flair, once they have learned it. As you progress through the levels of the WFA Grading you discover how the flair moves are split into different disciplines such as craft flair and exhibition flair, which further build that understanding of how and when to use which flair moves during service, or on stage during a competition.

One of the great things about the WFA Gradings in particular however, is that it also examines your cocktail making skills whilst performing flair. To achieve each of the WFA Levels you will have to prove you are skilled in flair bartending but also competent in the making of a variety of classic cocktails. If you are serious about working in the world of bartending and you are just starting out, WFA Gradings will cut your learning curve considerably.

We have also heard how the structure and system of the WFA Gradings acts as a great motivator as you continue and want to achieve the next level. Short term objectives always seem easier to achieve, by breaking down the huge content of bartending knowledge into the four levels WFA Gradings allows each level to feel achievable. However, once you take a step back and look at everything you have achieved no matter how many levels you have conquered, you will realise the huge amount of bar tricks, skill and knowledge you have to offer in any job in bartending or hospitality, anywhere in the world.


WFA Gradings explained…

The WFA Grading system is the most widely adopted and recognised qualification for professional bartenders with over 100 schools around the world and more than 10,000 students passing through the system. There are 10 levels which bartenders are able to progress through as their skills, knowledge and experience increase. Each Levels requires you to either pass a test or gain a top 6 finish in a WFA Grand Slam competition.

Every bartender will start on the White grade, with the first test being to advance to the Yellow grade. Yellow is followed by Orange, Green and then Blue. Yellow gives you a good basic understanding of how to use flair bartending during service and as you progress through the grades your understanding and skill level will get more advanced.