Flair bartending: It’s a thing…

Over the course of 2017 the team here at the World Flair Association were contacted by production company Taste Made Travel who are to be launching a new journalistic/lifestyle channel called OffBeat City. The idea of the new channel is to ‘see your favourite cities through the eyes of the tribes that make them tick’, with the first city being London and with the first stop being to come and visit the WFA.

Andy Collinson (@andycollinson) a director and co-founder of the WFA, were contacted by Taste Made Travel who were looking to understand the world of flair bartending, what actually goes on between flair bartenders, how the competitions play out and more. Andy introduced the film makers to a number of flair bartenders who live and work in London, with the film makers deciding to talk to and follow Flavius Lupu (@flaviuslupu) and Juanjo Montes (@juanjomontes).

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect with the biggest flair bartending competition in the world, the Roadhouse Grand Finals, fast approaching. OffBeat City were able to embed with Flavius and Juanjo to understand their everyday life, schedule, the competitive scene and more. By following both bartenders for the week and for much of their day, the film makers were able to capture the essence of what it takes to be a professional flair bartender, what the lifestyle is like. As any flair bartender will tell you, the long and the short of it is: Practice, practice, practice. In fact this is what both Flavius and Juanjo were doing for the majority of the time they were being filmed!


You can check out the first episode below, with more episodes to follow soon: