We love a good trend. One of the latest and the greatest has to be #Flairiseverywhere. If you haven’t heard about #Flairiseverywhere then our first question is, which rock have you been living under!? We joke. But seriously, this is bad-ass.

The concept of #Flairiseverywhere is quite a simple one, we want to see flair bartending in some of the worlds greatest locations. Be it on a glacier in Iceland, in front of the Taj Mahal in India, or on a surfboard on the Great Barrier Reef. It doesn’t matter where you flair, so long as you capture it, upload it, and hashtag #Flairiseverywhere.

Of course, the coolest of the lot will always be those that have jaw-dropping routines or show a bad-ass trick in some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, or inaccessible places. Flair practice can be done anywhere and there is nothing more inspirational than seeing it done in a new and interesting way, or place. Keep it smart though – we don’t want to see anyone risking their life to get a great #Flairiseverywhere video!

Make sure to keep the videos short. This isn’t about showing us your latest 5 minute routine – break it down into your best move or sequence and go with that. We love a soundtrack and a bit of slow-mo so if your camera has the ability, use it! And finally, think about the shot. It’s all well and good nailing a no look stall on top of the Eiffel Tower, but we need to see the amazing landscape too!

With that in mind, here are some of our favourites…

@Alexgostilovskiy (@alexgostilovskiy) Tandem in Times Square, New York



@Dadofla@Kristijanbrijeski  in the beautiful Dubrovnik docks, Croatia


@Dennybakiev (@dennybakiev) battling windy conditions in Greece



@Rudy_vandenbrink at high altitude in Austria

@Sergio18_95 in front of a glacier in Iceland



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