Flairmania X: The Results, WFA 2019 Grand Slam World Champion and more…

One of the world’s biggest and best flair bartending competitions, Olybet Flairmania, is over for another year – and what a year it was! It was the 10th edition of Flairmania and, once again, it didn’t fail to kick off the WFA Grand Slam Tournament in an exciting fashion.

Depending on which bartenders take part and where they place it also usually gives us a good idea of who we are going to see battling it out for the top spots, during the year to come. So let’s find out what went down…

WFA Gold Grade bartenders Alexander Shtifanov, Deniss Trifanovs and Marek Posluszny were amongst the competitors as well as experienced flair bartenders Juanjo Montes, Slava Belyakov, Rodrigo Delpech, Roman Zapata and many more.

Prior to the competition kicking off an awards ceremony was held for the Top 3 of last years WFA Grand Slam Tournament, with each of the bartenders being awarded a highly rare Gold Grade, Silver Grade, and Bronze Grade respectively. Here were the final standings for the Top 10:

WFA Grand Slam World Champion 2019

Going into the final Grand Slam competition of 2019, our World Champion from 2018 – Deniss Trifanovs – was leading. However, things can always change during the WFA Grand Slam Tournament, each and every competition is different yet very important. Alexander Shtifanov ended up taking the top spot with a win in the final competition of the year, The Roadhouse Grand Finals, with Marek Posluszny coming in 2nd and Deniss Trifanovs in 3rd. All three of these guys continue to show amazing skill and dedication to flair bartending – and with all 3 competing in 2020 we can’t wait to see what happens this year! Congratulations guys!

Flarimania X: The result

Now for the results of the first WFA Grand Slam of 2020. The points have been reset and the competition is wide open once again. As we already mentioned, Flairmania X never fails to attract the world’s best flair bartenders and this year was no different.

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Coincidently, the final result saw the top 3 bartenders from our Grand Slam Tournament last year, carrying their success through to the new year – albeit in a slightly different order. Our current Grand Slam World Champion, Alexander Shtifanov, took 1st place, with last years Champion, Deniss Trifanovs, taking 2nd and Marek Posluszny in 3rd. Congratulations Shtifa!

Flairmania X top 10 final scores

There were also awards for Best Cocktail (Linards Grundmans), Best Female flair bartender (Ayako ‘Ollie’ Kumashiro ), and Big Ass Move (Anthony Gorokhov).