Flair Bottle = Fly Bottle

If there is one thing we flair bartenders love it is a new toy. And well, we have one question for you – do you have yours yet!? We are talking about the best thing to come out of France since Brie and Thierry Henry, the Fly Bottle of course. For us there are two flair bottles available that we recommend to flair bartenders new and old, the WFA Flair Bottle and the Fly Bottle.

If you run a bar school or any form of bartending practice facility, these are the flair bottles you are going to want in stock. With 3 different versions of the Fly Bottle, the creators have been quite generous with the different types of bottles for different situations and levels of advancement in flair bartending. These bottles will make minimal noise when dropped, due to the shape and material used don’t bounce miles away when dropped, and perfect for use indoors.

A unique soft texture bottle. The Fly Bottle has been designed for beginners to help them easily improve their basic flair skills. It also comes in handy for trying out new complex idea’s.

  • Perfect for beginners, students and bar schools.
  • Weight is equal to an empty 70cl glass bottle, 450g (1lb).
  • includes plastic pour-spout.
  • 100% made in France.
  • Life Time Guaranteed.


The Fly Training £28.00

The Fly Training bottle is the perfect bottle for a beginner or someone just starting out in flair bartending. As with the Fly pro and Fly Classic the bottle is made from a unique texture that provides a decent level of grip ensuring that the bottle isn’t easily dropped.

flair bottle


A similar shape to the Fly Bottle Classic and therefore a bit fatter than the Fly Bottle Pro, the Fly Training as with the other versions is available in 6 different colours allowing you to personalise your fly bottle to your style. This particular fly bottle is great for messing about with, it has been designed for beginners to help improve the basic moves. Weighted at the same level as the Classic (1lb), it is equal to that of an empty 70cl glass bottle or 450 grams.

The plastic pourer is included with every bottle and the Fly Bottle Training even has a nifty feature that ensures that your bottle will remain flexible and not break after a few drops:


The Fly Classic £25.00

The Classic was the first and original design of the Fly Bottle dating back to 2005. As with the Fly Training it is 1lb in weight (that of an empty 70cl glass bottle) and is block resin made ensuring that your fly bottle will remain strong and sturdy under pressure. They even claim it is unbreakable, however this of course has its limits. As long as you aren’t launching it at a concrete wall, we are sure it will be fine!


As you can see the Fly Bottle Classic is slimmer in shape, similar to the Fly Training, but slimmer than the Fly Bottle Pro, which is more of a Malibu bottle shape. You can’t beat the original.


Fly Bottle Pro £28.00

For the more experienced flair bartenders out there we have the Fly Bottle Pro. Also available in 6 different colours the Fly Bottle Pro is a little different to the Classic and Training in its shape and texture. If you are in need of practice with multiple flair bottles then the Fly Bottle Pro is what you need. There is no need for floor mats with these Fly Bottles and if a particular venue is worried about breakage or injury in a small space, the Fly Bottle Pro can step up and provide a safe, alternative solution.


Check out this video from Fly Bottle below, or take a look at the different versions on the WFA Shop.