#PassTheBottle on the left hand side…

So, some of our eagle eyed social media viewers will have spotted #PassTheBottle popping up every now and then as different renowned bartenders from around the world get their hands on the holy grail of flair bottles. The flair bottle in question is one of our coveted FlyBottles, no doubt the best flair training bottle on the market and exclusively available through the WFA online shop in the UK. Well built, well balanced and affordably the FlyBottle continues to receive praise and kudos from flair bartenders around the world – and we can see why.

However, this flair bottle – money cannot buy, well not just yet anyway. When the bottle reaches the end of its travels at the close of 2018 it will have travelled far and wide, from the UK to Mexico, Italy to Thailand. Along the way it will hook up with the best flair bartenders in the business, each of who will sign it leaving it the most valuable and famous flair bottle of all time. Once it has finished its travels we will be arranging a charity auction where one lucky person will take the flair bottle home. All proceeds from the charity auction will go to the Eco Moyo Project in Kenya, a charity dedicated to building free primary schools for children.

Where has the flair bottle been so far?

Starting its journey in London, the flair bottle received its first signature from flair bartending legend Tom Dyer before meeting up with the winner of the Roadhouse Asian Open Ionut Ivanov, the winner of the Roadhouse Americas Open Giorgio Chiarello, and current UK Champion Marian ‘Sikky’ Chmel. The flair bottle is already starting to fill up with some popular names, with so many more to come…

Where will the bottle be going next?

With the fan favourite, Bottle Tin is King (#BTiK) fast approaching at the Roadhouse in London, the bottle will be taking a trip back to the UK to be signed by the winner. Before scooting off to Milan and Mexico for this year’s edition of Skiled Flairbartender! The bottle also has a ticket booked to Phucket, Thailand as well as a date with the winners of the first Roadhouse Tandem Competition in a number of years – could the signatures of legends Tomek & Marek appear on #passthebottle?

Who will be the next flair bartender to sign the bottle, only time will tell. Make sure to follow us and keep track of #passthebottle on our Facebook and Instagram.