Hey bartenders of the World – the registration for the Grand Slam competition “Star Wars Bali World Flair Championship 2014” has officially began. All the info you need is available here – Star Wars Bali Grand Slam. This annual competition with all the great package deals from Agung is going to be a time well spent on the magical island of Bali in Indonesia.

Also the chase for the Grand Slam title is on and it is so close like never before – less then 300 Grand Slam points separates the the top 3 guys in the leaderboard and not turning up could result of any of those guys being kicked out of even the top 10. We will see what happens on the sands of Bali just after couple of months when the race will be on! But until then – keep flairing, fill out the paperwork, get your visas and flights done and prepare for the friendship and flair.

Ivars Rutkovskis

Grand Slam Co-Ordinator