Result: The Roadhouse World Open, October 2019

It was the final Roadhouse Heat of 2019 and therefore the last chance to gain a spot in the Roadhouse Grand Finals in November. With 30 bartenders already qualified for the flair competiton that every bartender wants to win at least once, there is room for only 5 more.

Usually, as most of you will know, there are only 3 spots up for grabs each Roadhouse Heat, but to get us to a nice round number of 35 competitors, we opened it up to 5 spots for the final Roadhouse Heat.

As a Roadhouse Heat this also means there was £1250 in prize money up for grabs, as well as a coveted Roadhouse tophy.

Naturally, with it being the last chance to gain a spot in the finals it was the most subscribed Roadhouse Heat of the year with 33 competitors! That’s an awful lot of comeptition for those 5 spots, so without further adieu lets find out who got them!

The Result

There were some well known and experienced flair bartenders taking part in this World Open including Oliver Deak, Yuseke Ono, Christian Balta and Giorgio Facchinetti, however, it was our Roadhouse World Champion from 2015, Alexander Shtifanov (@alexandershtifanov), who took the top spot with a very commanding score.

Eric Yu (@ericyu) came in second place, with Cristian Balta (@baltacristian) in third. Congratulations to all the guys on securing a spot in the Grand Finals. Congratulations are also in order for Szymon Hebel and Miyuki Kamimura who made up the final two spots as Bryan Levato has already qualified.

What is next?

That’s it for the Roadhouse Heats for 2019, all that is left now is the Roadhouse Grand Finals on the 24th of November!

Will we find ourselves a new world champion or will we see one of our former champions take the title again…


To watch the full highlights of The World Open, including every flair performance and the results ceremony, please visit our livestream page: