Roadhouse and the WFA combine forces.

As most of you may have heard the WFA and Roadhouse joining forces and we (the WFA) will be organising the Roadhouse World Flair competition from 2016.  We are extremely excited about this and can’t wait for the first qualifier on January 31st.

With a new organiser comes new ideas for the competition and some slight changes which we can’t wait to try out.  We are looking to bring back the speed opening competition and the flair off, plus changing the format of some of the qualifiers each month.

Roadhouse World Flair Schedule for 2016

Below you can see the date for each month, the format of the comp and how many bartenders make it through to the world finals in November.

31st January – UK Open  – Top 2 & best UK competitor
28th February – Battle Comp – Top 3
20th March – Australasia Open – Top 3 from Middle East, Asia & Australasian countries
24th April – UK Open – Top 2 & best UK competitor
22nd May – Americas Open – Top 3 from North, Middle & South America
26th June – Bottle Tin Is King – Top 3
31st July – UK Open – Top 2 & best UK competitor
21st August – UK Final -Top 3 (Only open to the top 30 Uk competitors)
25th September – Chicks with flicks – (Open to male & female competitors) top 3 females
30th October – European & Africa Open – Top 3 from European & African countries
26th & 27th November – Grand Finals

Doors will open at 5pm for every competition, besides the Grand Finals which will follow a separate schedule.

Judges and Scoring

For 2016 we will be using the new WFA scoring system which was unveiled early December and is currently going through testing with David Reynolds, Colin Griffiths and Tony Adams.  The three Roadhouse resident judges that will be joining us again for 2016.


Next year each month there will be £1,000 up for grabs

1st – £750

2nd – £200

3rd – £100

Best Cocktail – There will also be a prize for the best cocktail of the year.  Although the drinks won’t be tasted the judges will be selecting the best thoughout drinks for the Roadhouse to make and try.  The best cocktail for 2016 will then be chosen to go onto the Roadhouse Cocktail menu.

The Voice of Flair

He said he was done, but we’ve managed to convince him to come back for one more year as the voice of flair at the roadhouse comeptition.  We’re happy to annouce that Steve ‘Stretch’ Harman will be hosting the Roadhouse World Flair for 2016.

Want to compete?

All registrations will go through the WFA website from now on. To register for the competition you just need to go to then go to the ‘Calendar’ page, find the next Roadhous competition and click “ATTEND”.

We can’t wait to see you all down there.  Tell your friends & family.  Tell your bar team to come down and support you if you’re competing, or simply book the day (and the next day) off work and come down for unofficially “the best” indusrty night in central London.

For all questions about the competition, please email

See you on the 31st Jan

the WFA team