Result: The Roadhouse Grand Finals & the WFA Grand Slam World Champion 2017

November is a fantastic time in the flair bartending calendar, where each year we culminate with the last WFA Grand Slam of the year, The Roadhouse. The Roadhouse is of course the hardest fought and most highly coveted competition, no more explanation is needed – as it is the last WFA Grand Slam of the year however this also means we discover our Grand Slam Champion.

So not only do we get to celebrate our new Roadhouse World Champion in November but also our WFA Grand Slam World Champion, which this year happens to be the same person: Marek Posluszny.

The Roadhouse Grand Finals 2017

This year the Roadhouse Grand Finals were the best yet, smashing all previous records for attendance, competitors and sales; the Roadhouse in Covent Garden was well and truly packed to the brim! The top 6 in the Roadhouse Grand Final represent the absolute pinnacle of flair bartending in the world, the dedication and effort each flair bartender puts in to reach that stage is very obvious and quite humbling. Every flair bartender in the world, big or small, would love to say they have won a Roadhouse Grand Final, doing so puts you in an elite crew of flair bartenders where your title can never be forgotten or taken away from you.

2017 certainly did not disappoint from this perspective, every flair bartender brought their ‘A-game’ and we were treated to some truly incredible flair performances. Now in its 17th year the Roadhouse Grand Finals rarely fail to put on a spectacular show. Rather interestingly this year represented the 10th time in the Top 6 for our winner, Marek, he also became our 10th ever winner of the Roadhouse Grand Finals and won £10,000! I think we know what Marek’s new lucky number is going to be!

Here are the details of the Top 6 from the Grand Finals:

WFA Director, Andy Collinson: “In front of a sold out crowd the top 6 presented one of the best shows of flair bartending the world has ever seen. The vibe was one of the greatest I’ve ever witnessed after 17 years of running the competition with whoops and cheers giving first place to Marek Posluszny from Poland. Marek has been in 10 grand finals before tonight and this was his first time taking top spot. His show ticked all the boxes from originality, difficulty, choreography and relevance to secure the most important title in flair bartending and to top it off he was thankful and appreciative in his final speech to Roadhouse and the World Flair Association. Another great night all round!”

WFA Director, Tom Dyer: “What a weekend! We couldn’t be happier with the Grand Finals this year. It was amazing to see the Roadhouse bursting at the seems and also to have out 10th Roadhouse World Champion, Marek Posluszny. It has been a long time coming and we are all very happy for Marek. The finals overall were amazing. Roadhouse sets a precedent for what is to follow in flair for the coming year, so 2018 is going to be very exciting with plenty of new moves, routines and music from the performing bartenders. A change was coming and the Roadhouse Grand Finals is just the start…”

WFA Grand Slam World Champion

As we have already said, once the Roadhouse Grand Finals wrapped up – as it is the last WFA Grand Slam of the year – we also then know our WFA Grand Slam World Champion. The one bartender that has placed the highest, the most amount of times, in WFA Grand Slams throughout 2017. Rather impressively this year’s winner Marek Posluszny achieved 1st place at the Roadhouse Grand Finals, Skilled Flair Bartender (Mexico), Flairsupply (Hungary), and the Cambridge Cocktail Weekend (UK).

Here is how the WFA Grand Slam leader board finished for 2017:

Congratulations to our new WFA Grand Slam World Champion for 2017: Marek Posluszny.