#SaveRoadhouse – An update

Well let’s just start by saying how grateful we are for the continued support the Roadhouse is receiving from the bartending community worldwide. As many of you will already know, one of London’s most iconic venues, the Roadhouse in Covent Garden, recently came under threat from redevelopment plans put forward by the landlord. The Roadhouse remains one of London’s most popular live music and entertainment venues and has been for over 20 years, it has also become the most revered stage in the world for flair bartending.

In conjunction, the WFA and the Roadhouse have overseen the growth and nurture of the bartending community, particularly in the UK. With monthly competitions for bartenders of all abilities and acting as a hub and meeting place for bartenders across the globe, there are plenty of people with a huge amount of interest in what becomes of the Roadhouse. With that in mind we have put together a short update on what the latest news is:

We spoke with Group Sales and Marketing Director for the Maxwells Group (the owner of the Roadhouse), Anthony Knight:

“In April an agreement was reached between the Roadhouse and their landlords, Capco. The agreement that was reached will see the late night bar and restaurant continuing to operate in the same Covent Garden premises for the foreseeable future.

Throughout the campaign what was apparent to everybody involved was just how much The Roadhouse meant to the global flair community. The support from WFA as well as flair schools, flair bartenders and supporters was overwhelming and made a huge impact on the campaign. The Roadhouse has always been and will be so much more than just bricks and mortar. Rest assured that no matter what happens we will still be championing all things flair whether that be from our home in Covent Garden or in another amazing venue in London”.

What is to become of the iconic Roadhouse over the ‘foreseeable future’ is yet to become clear, however it is good to know the world’s favourite flair bartending venue isn’t going anywhere any time soon…