#SaveRoadhouse – Another of London’s music & entertainment venues is under threat…

After 25 years of operating as one of London’s most loved live music venues, The Roadhouse is at risk of being forced out of Covent Garden after the landlords Capco have submitted redevelopment plans to Westminster City Council in a bid to remove the Roadhouse.

The Roadhouse has been one of London’s most popular live music and entertainment venues for almost 20 years, not to mention it has become one of the most revered stages in all the world for flair bartending. The first Roadhouse World Finals flair bartending competition took place in 2000 and ever since then it has gone from strength to strength, filling out the Roadhouse and attracting more and more bartenders from all over the globe. It is one of the few competitions that draws both international competitors as well as an international audience and a lot of this has to do with the history of Roadhouse World Finals as well as the make up of the venue itself.

On top of the World Finals the Roadhouse alongside the WFA has aided and nurtured the growth of the flair bartending community in the UK and worldwide. With monthly competitions for bartenders of all abilities, The Roadhouse acts as a proving ground for almost every flair bartender in the UK – supporting and furthering the development of their skill-set ensuring many go on to demonstrate this around the world.

Due to the close and intimate nature of the stage, how close the audience are and more the Roadhouse has been touted as one of the most challenging stages in the world to conquer as a flair bartender and as such has become legendary. It is highly unlikely even if the Roadhouse returned that it would retain this same character.

All of that history, as well as any future of performing on the Roadhouse stage is now under threat following the plans from Capco. If the landlords have their way the Roadhouse will be gone and it will most likely be replaced by luxury residential spaces. There is something that can be done however and we here at the WFA fully support this and request your help too. A petition has been created and here is how you can get involved:

The Roadhouse Team are working with expert legal teams to contest the redevelopment plans, so that we can ensure the Roadhouse continues to operate exactly where it belongs, in the heart of London. Amy Lame, the Mayor’s Night Czar has added her support too, along with influential industry leaders and supporters who all agree we cannot lose another one of London’s amazing live music venues. There will be no instant overnight developments and this will be a lengthy process with various court dates and appeals scheduled in the coming months and potentially years ahead. We are extremely confident on winning the case we have submitted and no plans on going anywhere anytime soon! We will continue to do what we all do best, staying true to our ethos of offering great nights out and memorable experiences for great people.

Please show your support and join us in asking Westminster City Council to acknowledge and support our campaign to #SaveRoadhouse and save another of London’s late night music venues from closing.’

Link to the petition: https://www.change.org/p/support-the-roadhouse-which-faces-eviction-by-property-developers