Snap up some bargains in the WFA January Sale!

What’s so great about January do I hear you ask? It’s the January sales of course. Traditionally the January sales were all bout retailers across the land getting rid of all their left over stock from Christmas at decent discounts, although this doesn’t apply to us as we were well and truly cleared out over Christmas and New Year!

However, fear not as we have just airdropped in a load of new stock. You may have been on the web shop recently and noticed what you wanted wasn’t in stock, give it another go now and it should be back – and with a tasty 20% off discount!

All of the new WFA clothing range otherwise known as the ‘Bottle-A’ clothing is 20% off, that includes the bad ass Bomber Jacket. Hoodies are also back in stock in all sizes so get in there quick before they all shoot out the door again.

Our whole range of Fly Botles from Pro, to Classic to Training – every single one of them is now 20% off until January 31st 2019. Aren’t they sexy? And the best flair bottle in the business.

For everything you need to know about the Fly Bottle, how it stacks up as a flair bottle, for use for more than just flair practice as so much more – take a look at this review from Vlad the SlickBartender: