We are only a month away from the WFA Grand Slam Final to be held at the Clapham Grand in London!

We need you guys to support us by joining up to the Thunderclap so that we can get a huge social media push and tell the world about flair bar tending!

Just follow the link and put your name and email address and then when it goes to the Thunderclap page, press the support with Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr button and allow it to access your account.

It will only count how many friends/followers you have so that it can estimate the social reach we will get. Also, start to upload pictures of your awesome stall using the #awesomeStall when doing so!

Filling in your details will give you either tickets for the competition to see it live or by receiving the weblink to view it live, either way I’m sure you will want to view it!

It is a show not to be missed!!