The B-pour universal pour trainer

If you don’t have one already the B-pour is the must-have accessory for any bartender that is looking to perfect their free pouring technique. Developed as a professional training aid, the WFA B-pour is purpose-built to work for freestanding free pouring or to practice bling pouring, cut and bounce techniques – as it sits perfectly in a cocktail tin thanks to its wide top.

As many experienced bartenders will tell you, the only way to get your free pouring spot on is through practice. Lots and lots of practice. The flow of the pour will change depending on which pour spout you are using as well, so even if you are trained in free pouring with TD 105-30s for example, you will also need to build up your hours with other types of pour spouts to ensure you develop that muscle memory to know when is the right time to stop the pour. How you stop the pour is up to you… We are a fan of a good cut though.

The B-pour is so good at what it does that you will find it in bar schools such as EBS and others, across the globe. Although the customer might be happy with an over pour, it goes without saying the bar manager won’t be! A key advantage of the WFA B-pour is that it retains all the liquid you pour in, with lots of room for error. This means you can even practice with the spirits you plan on using as you can quite easily pour it straight back into the bottle when you are done.


Manufactured from durable plastic and with measurements in both Ml, Cl, and OZ, you can make use of the B-pour as a training aid no matter what part of the world you operate as a bartender in. It also includes measurements for a single teaspoon, tablespoon and a standard shot glass. You can’t get any better practice if you are undertaking WFA Gradings at any point too, as we use the exact same pouring trainer in our pour tests.

Available from the WFA store (with worldwide shipping to almost every country), you can get your WFA B-pour for £8.95 here: