The first two competitions of 2019 are inbound!

In just a few weeks we will get a glimpse at what to expect from all you awesome bartenders with the first two competitions of 2019! Can’t you tell? We are just a little excited. To kick it all off we will have our first Roadhouse World Flair of the year, the Multi Object January Heat – this will then be followed by one of the most popular WFA Grand Slam comps, OlyBet Flairmania in Riga.

Roadhouse World Flair – Multi Object January Heat

We kick off the 2019 Roadhouse monthly flair comps with a ‘Go Big or Go Home’ showdown.  This is where we see the bartenders really show us the biggest and best multiple object moves they have in their arsenal.  Bartenders are required to flair with a minimum of 3 objects or more, whilst making 2 cocktails in the allocated time limit. The Finals kick off at 22:30 where the top 6 battle it out for the coveted Roadhouse World Flair Globe Trophy and a share of the prize money.

All of you keen flair bartending fans will not be surprised to see 2018’s WFA Grand Slam World Champion and Multi Object master Deniss Trifanovs will be competing. Alongside a host of new and experienced flair bartenders including Andrei Bertalan, Michael Moreni, Stepan Simanek, Rosario La Terra, Maxi Diole and Manu Perrone.

Prize money – £1000

  1. £700 + Roadhouse Glass Globe Trophy
  2. £200
  3. £100


  • 18:00 – Heats Start
  • 21:30 – Heats Finish
  • 22:00 – Bottle Off Speed Opening 7th – 12th
  • 22:30 – Finals Begin (top 6 from heats)
  • 23:30 – Finals Finish
  • 23:45 – Winners Announced
  • 00:00 – Afterparty till 3am

The top 3 placing bartenders will win a spot in the Roadhouse Grand Finals in November where they will be in for the chance to win £10,000

For all you bartenders out there thinking of taking part, registration is still open. Here are the rules: ROADHOUSE RULES and you can follow this link and scroll down to find the place to register.

Roadhouse doors open at 17:00, Happy hour until 19:30.  It is FREE to enter up until 22:00, £5 thereafter.  Bring your bar team along and the Roadhouse will get your night started with complimentary large nachos sharer and fishbowl cocktail (10 people or more). Email: to reserve your table.


Olybet Flairmania 2019

It is TIME to FLAIR, FLAIR, FLAIR! Indeed – for the 9th year in a row the tradition to begin the WFA Grand Slam Tournament in the Voodoo Casino, Riga continues. Though it is usually cold and snowy the Oly Bet stage is on fire with all the best bartenders that have come to participate in this amazing event.

One of the main characteristics of Flairmania is its popularity! The available 60 spots are taken literally in seconds leaving plenty of hungry bartenders on the waiting list. Definitely a place to be huh? So grab your bottles and tins and don’t miss the opportunity to experience Flairmania. On behalf of the organisers of this championship we are welcoming everyone to participate or just come here to support your favourite bartenders and have an awesome Thursday here in Riga on January 31st 2019.

Prize Money – €5,500 

1st €2500 WFA Black Level
2nd €1200 WFA Black Level
3rd €800 WFA Black Level
4th €300 WFA Purple Level
5th €200 WFA Purple Level
6th €100 WFA Purple Level

Big Ass Move – €100
Best Cocktail – €100
Supergirl – €100
Monin Special Prize – To Be Announced


30th January 2019
19:00: All competing bartenders can register for the competition at the desk
in the hotel from 7-8pm
20:00: All competing bartenders are required to be in Latvia by 20:00 for
the Meet & Greet and welcome drink, held at the Voodoo Casino.
On arrival to the Radisson Blu Hotel you will find a registration stand where
you can collect your wrist band, sign in and receive your goody bag from the

31st January 2019
09:00: Doors to the practice room opens.
09:45: Judges, organisation and livestream team all in position
09:50: MC begins intro to competition
10:00: First bartender on stage (you will have 4 minutes in-between each
bartender to set up your stage. If you go over time you will have a penalty of
10 points. There will be two bars being used so you should have plenty of
19:10: Last bartender finishes on stage. The top 10 bartenders will be known
for the finals.
21:00: Finals begin
23:00: Last bartender finishes on stage
23:30: Awards Ceremony
00:00: After Party

The sign up for this event is now closed. In true Flairmania style all 60 slots were reserved in a matter of seconds by a whole host of flair bartenders from around the world. With bartenders such as Alexander Shtifanov, Daniela Istrate, Deniss Trifanovs, Luca Valentin, Marek Posluszny, Girogio Chiarello, Evgeniy Yakovenko and Dario Dicarlantonio all confirmed, we are set for another hard fought Flairmania. Don’t miss it! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the live stream.