Two new Tom Dyer additions to the WFA shop…

That’s right we have not one but two new stunning products from Tom Dyer and Beaumont TM to bring you on the WFA Shop – the Tiki tin and the Grail measure. Beaumont TM represent the pinnacle in barware items in the industry and if it is anything like there last collaboration with Tom (the TD105-30 pour spout), then we are all in for a treat! Here they are:

The Grail

An elegant and meticulously designed jigger, the Grail has been designed by a professional bartender – therefore everything from the way it looks and feels, to the way it sits in your hand has been thought about. Perfect for a spot of craft flair, there is no other jigger or spirit measure on the market that comes close to looking like the Grail. We can only imagine some of the cool and intricate flair you could pull off with this new item of barware.

Starting at 10ml the Grail measures up to 50ml with engraved markings every 5ml for further ease of use and accuracy. Manufactured by Beaumont TM you can guarantee that the materials used are of the highest quality. The Grail is nickel plated which means it not only looks great but is also less susceptible to corrosion and general wear and tear; which is important with this product as it is all about the looks.

Tom Dyer on the Grail, “For me it was important that you felt like you had something of quality in your hands, so we spent a lot of time on the balance and weight of the product. When it comes to flair you need to be able to manipulate the product with your hands, therefore we paid a lot of attention to the balance and comfort of the Grail to ensure this was a piece of barware you can have a lot of fun with”.


Tom’s Tiki shaker

This could well be the coolest cocktail shaker on the market right now. We love it! Aptly labelled the Tiki tin-on-tin cocktail shaker, each of the tins comes engraved with various Tiki symbols!

Although Tiki is often thought of as a Polynesian or South-Pacific culture, it is in fact a North American one – albeit inspired by Polynesia. The tale goes that a Texan man named Donn Beach travelled the Caribbean and the South Pacific in the early 1900s. Upon returning to the USA he wanted to emulate the laid-back tropics he had experienced and opened the worlds first Tiki bar in Los Angeles in 1934. From there the rest is history, Tiki cocktail culture took off across the United states for the next 30 years. This stylised art form went out of fashion in the 60s however it has seen a resurgence, particularly in the Western Hemisphere, since the noughties (2000s).

As you can see on the Tiki Tin-on-Tin, the engraved symbols embody everything that Tiki culture is about, from palm trees and dolphins, to coconut cocktails, shamans, shells and surf boards. The high grade stainless steel really ensures this shaker stands out on your front bar and the fun and interesting nature of it makes it a great conversation starter. Each box contains one 28oz and one 18oz boston tin manufactured using the high quality stainless steel, which means this shaker will go through many a glass wash without looking faded.

Tom Dyer on the Tiki shaker, “We wanted to come up with a shaker that not only looked great on the bar but was really practical to use and simple in its design; as well as something that would represent a bit of me and my personality! There is no weight on the shaker as these can sometimes fall off, breaking the shaker, we didn’t want this to be an issue with the Tiki shaker as we wanted to ensure this shaker would last you a long time”. 

Get both your Tom Dyer Tiki shaker and Grail measure from the WFA store.