WFA Grand Slam at the Cambridge Cocktail Weekend

It is almost time for the 5th WFA Grand Slam of the year and the first WFA Grand Slam to be happening the UK, aside from the Roadhouse Finals, since 2010. The 4th and next Grand Slam will be Skilled Flair Bartender in Cancun, Mexico – happening the week before this event.

We are thrilled to see more WFA Grand Slam competitions added to the calendar and none more so than in new locations. Cambridge and the Cambridge Cocktail Weekend will be hosting a WFA Grand Slam for the first time and we are very much looking forward to it.

Happening over the course of three days (25th-27th August) the different rounds of the Grand Slam will be taking place between 7-9PM. The Cambridge Cocktail Weekend is in its 2nd year following a very successful inaugural event. Working very closely with the organisers we were very happy to create another WFA Grand Slam event, which will see some of the world’s best flair bartenders taking part such as: Deniss Trifanovs, Jumbles St Pierre, Miikha Mehito, Alexander Shtifanov and our last WFA Grand Slam winner, Roman Zapata.


Sponsored by taste creators Fabbri Marendry, all cocktail creations involved in the Grand Slam will be built around Marendry Bitter Amarena Fabri. Bartenders will have to come up with their own cocktails using FABBRI.

In short, here is what the Cambridge Cocktail Weekend is all about:

Take the best cocktail bars in Cambridge, your favourite drinks brands, great live music and DJs, stunning street food, and (almost) every cocktail under the sun. Mix them all together inside the Cambridge Corn Exchange, serve with a fantastic party atmosphere to create the ultimate bank holiday weekend celebration

Cambridge Cocktail Weekend is designed to celebrate the great cocktails and bars that Cambridge has to offer, alongside some of global spirits superstars all showcased in one place. Last year the Corn Exchange was packed to the gills with bars and cocktails, and saw over 2,000 through the doors, with plenty of partying and dancing until late to brilliant live bands and DJs.



As well as a great opportunity to drink, spend time with friends and discover everything there is to know about cocktails, the WFA will also have merchandise on sale and those important 2 hours each evening of the Grand Slam will be streamed live on the WFA Facebook page.

As always there will be a variety of prizes up for grabs for the most skilled flair bartenders, including:

Prize Money:

1st  £2200 WFA Black Level shaker  Trophy
2nd £1200 WFA Black Level shaker  Trophy
3rd  £700   WFA Black Level shaker  Trophy
4th  £500   WFA Purple Level shaker Trophy
5th  £300   WFA Purple Level shaker Trophy
6th  £100   WFA Purple Level shaker Trophy

Best Cocktail – £200

Don’t miss what looks to be one of the greatest WFA Grand Slams of this year, the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, which is the venue for the event, is reason enough to come along. Here are all the details you need to find the event below: