Flair world!

Get ready for the tour of the year – three Grand Slam competitions in two weeks period. Could it get more intense?

With “Ultimate” kicking it off in Tokyo on August 31st, following “Star Wars Bali Flair championsip” in Bali on September 6th and the tour finishes in Singapore at “Barstylez” on September 11th. Asia for sure will be THE continent with the most flair in it at that time, with some of the best names of the industry invlolved in those events.

Also it will be intersting to how the GS leaderboard will change in autumn – the chase for the Grand Slam winner title this year will be the most exciting ever in the GS history – so be prepared, keep practising and see you in Asia folks.

Ivars Rutkovskis

Grand Slam Co-Ordinator