New to the WFA Shop, the Throwing Strainer…

We always welcome inventive and original barware ideas. The industry is crying out for cool new ideas for bar tools, cocktail-ware and almost anything that you can use behind the bar as a bartender that makes your job easier or more stylish. Not forgetting of course if you are a flair bartender something new and cool to flair with. We think WFA flair bartender Dario Dicarlantonio may well have achieved all of the above with his new Throwing Strainer.

A bartender for over 16 years, Dario has worked in many of Rome’s top bars including the Emporio Cafer, Singita Miracle Beach and Micca Club. He has a huge passion for cocktail making and flair bartending, which has led him to compete in WFA competitions around the world. As well as competing, working as a bartender and dreaming up new barware inventions Dario also works with a number of bar schools in Italy.

As the story goes Dario was dissatisfied with the typical strainer offering on the market, particularly from a flair bartending perspective. The Hawthorne design is a classic, however it was invented in the early 1900s – leaving a lot of room for innovation. The Throwing Strainer has been designed from the ground up to provide a more comfortable and steady grip allowing for a more dynamic hold or a finger grip, due to the new shape of the handle.

The shape and design of the handle also allows for the spring to perfectly stick to the mixing tin or mixing glass, ensuring that nothing gets past the strainer when you begin your cocktail pour. The mission behind the design of the Throwing Strainer was to reduce the most common mistakes in cocktail making, by making the strainer sit so tightly in the glass it will go a long way to help reduce mistakes when pouring. Before you know it you will be ‘throwing’ drinks like a pro.

The shape and weighting of the strainer has been very carefully thought about, ensuring it is much easier to use than traditional strainers when it comes to flair bartending. Entirely made of stainless steel in Italy, this strainer will hold up over time ensuring good value for money.

Now available through the WFA Shop, the Throwing Strainer is priced at £26.50. The WFA shop ships worldwide with free shipping on orders above £100 in Europe.